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Past photos with Aerosmith’s crew | Joe Perry and Steven Tyler
Some of our first Highway 111 Guitars. Handmade in the California. Our original store was the Guitar ER which we helped out many guitarists to bring life back into their guitars. And from our many years of building guitars, playing guitars, and studying the […]

Thought I’d Share a Desert Sun Article

It has been an exciting journey of continuously improving my Luthier skills with guitar repairs thru my Guitar ER business to producing my signature hand-made one-of-a-kind tone 111 Guitars. So here are a few photos of interest I thought I would share including an article in the Desert Sun about my Luthier work. I feel honored to […]

The New 111 Guitars – A sound and feel like no other!

Welcome to 111 Guitars

Professional custom designed and hand-made guitars with unique custom selected exotic woods for the ultimate electric guitar sound and feel.

Thanx again TV JONES for your support-The T-90 ROCKS !!!

Thank you so Much TV Jones You Rock !!!
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry  of Aerosmith with their new custom designed and built 111 […]